Running of the Mules


Chase Smith, Reporter

Wayne City has a co-op contract with Fairfield Community High School for cross country. Wayne City sends two runners, Senior Chase Smith, and Freshman James Walker, to Fairfield to run with the team. Walker stated, “I’m thankful for the oppurtunity to run with Fairfield because they have a really good program and they really take care of their athletes over there.” The Mules have competed six times. They opened the season with a home meet at Leo French Park. The boys team took the overall win with Smith finishing second and Fairfield students, Jonathan Paul, and Griffen Hinkle, crossed the finish at third and fourth place. Smith has finished second in two meets and now first in two consecutive meets. “I’m really proud with how I’ve competed this season and hope to continue my win streak at Mt. Carmel this Thursday.” This Thursday, the team travels to Mt. Carmel for a dual meet and their senior night. Walker has significantly lowered his time this season and broke the 20 minute marker for the first time this season at the race in Robinson. Smith came away with the win and a time of 16:00. When Smith was asked how he felt he responded, “It felt really good to go out there and win a race of that size and with the talent that it had. I’ve always liked the course that it was on but last year due to my injuries I wasn’t able to run a very good time.” Smith and Walker are looking forward to continuing there successful season running with the Mules.