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Winning Gold

JoAnna Leonardi
Jaycee Youngblood and Whitney Lambert pose with their aids Kayla Shook and Sheryl Buchanan.

Juniors Jaycee Youngblood and Whitney Lambert’s inspiring journey to the Special Olympics on December 1. The events unfolded as a testament to their exceptional athletic abilities and the unwavering support of their school community, ending with the girls securing gold in their respective categories. 

The school-wide hallway parade, on November 30, was orchestrated by FCCLA. The parade added a layer of emotional resonance to the day, fostering an atmosphere of unity and encouragement. Students, teachers, and staff came together to cheer on Youngblood and Lambert, creating an electrifying ambiance that undoubtedly fueled their motivation for the upcoming competitions.

During the morning events, both girls exhibited remarkable skills across various disciplines, including shooting six baskets, dribbling a ball, and bouncing a ball to hit the center of a square marked on the wall.

The gold victory, determined through a point-based system. The evaluation of their abilities considered not only their entry scores from previous competitions but also the outcomes of the preliminary events held during the Special Olympics. Lambert said, “My mom and dad came to watch me and hugged me when I won gold. I had so much fun and made so many new friends.” They basked in the joy of their accomplishments surrounded by the love and support of their families, after the event. “I was so excited, and I am so happy that my mom was there,” stated Youngblood. 

The narrative of this remarkable day not only highlights individual athletic achievements but also underscores the significance of community encouragement, camaraderie, and the indomitable human spirit in overcoming challenges. Youngblood and Lambert’s story serves as an inspiration, reminding us all of the power of determination and the strength that arises when a community rallies behind its members in pursuit of excellence.

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