Pumpkin Painting Palooza


Kelby Wood, Reporter

On October 30 Wayne City Matters will be hosting a fall carnival for the community. The carnival games will start at 4 o’clock and end around 5:30. After the games, they will have costume judging and then trunk-or-treat. This will be held at the Wayne City Baptist Church parking lot. Wayne City High School’s FCCLA will be having pumpkin painting and decorating. Each child that comes through will get a pumpkin and will be able to decorate it and take it home with them. FCCLA members will be there to help the children that come through to decorate. FCCLA President Jovi Horton stated, “I really like being around kids and working with them. I love seeing them so joyful for the holidays and I think pumpkin decorating is a great way to get them excited for Halloween.” The kids will decorate the pumpkins with paint pens, stickers, and stencils. This year’s pumpkins were donated by Frey Farms. They donated around 200 pumpkins for the carnival. Each pumpkin were around the size of a softball.

Wayne City High School’s FCCLA officer team worked their hardest to think of something they figured children would love, and not get tired of. In past years they have done small crafts and the children do enjoy them, but came to realize that younger kids have trouble making the crafts. This year they decided on pumpkin painting, because children of all ages will be able to paint their own pumpkin without having a specific way to do it. FCCLA’s Community Service Coordinator, Zoe Wiggins said,” I hope that the kids will love it! It is definitely something different and I think it will be fun for them.”