Spreading Love


Kelby Wood, Reporter

FCCLA week is an important week for all FCCLA members and advisors. Wayne City high school’s FCCLA club has been working their hardest to prepare for this week. The officers take a lot of time to help plan the week out with fun activities. FCCLA President Jovi Horton states, “FCCLA week is one of my favorite weeks. Even though preparing for it can be stressful, it really ends up being a lot of fun and well worth it.”

This year’s FCCLA week will consist of: secret members giving away Valentine candy, notes of kindness, and healthy snacks. The “Secret Members” gift exchange has been an ongoing tradition for many years at WCHS. Members who wish to participate draw a paper including someone’s name, their likes, and their dislikes. Throughout the week, members try to avoid the person whose name they drew, so they do not expose themselves to their secret member. By the end of the week, all members reveal who they had as a gift exchange partner. The officers decided to give out Valentine candy to all students on Tuesday since it is Valentine’s Day. Officers will go around and pass out chocolate to each activity period. Since the week before FCCLA week all members have been working on their notes of kindness. They each got a handful of post-it notes and have the job of writing kind and motivating notes. The officers have been working to create something different for this year’s FCCLA week. After thinking and working hard, they came up with a week of healthy snacks. Since a lot of students mostly buy chips, soda, and candy throughout their school day, the officers figured they would open up their options to healthy snacks. Mrs. Laura Miller’s classroom now has the option to come in and buy healthy snacks. FCCLA Treasure Paige Greenwalt states, “I think this is a great opportunity for students to get nutrients throughout their school day.”