Stupid Cupid Strikes Again


Madeline Boyd, reporter

This Valentines Day, the Red Ribbon Team will put on their annual Stupid Cupid Day. This is a day that is looked forward to by everyone and filled with suspense due to the fact that no one knows when Cupid will strike. Throughout the day, Cupid will roam through the halls while playing his song for all to hear, and grow alert to, and hit each victim by surprise. Upon being struck, the victim can not talk for the rest of the day, and everyone eagerly awaits to read their “fate” that is posted on a bulletin board in the hallway. 

Even though it is called Stupid Cupid, the event is far from stupid. The message is to stress the importance of safe driving. It is a reality check on what it would be like to not have certain people in your life and to not be able to talk to them. Life is fragile and can be gone in a blink of an eye, so Red Ribbon’s purpose is to encourage people to wear a seatbelt in a light hearted, fun way. “I was always a part of Stupid Cupid and I thought it was so fun. Now that I am in college I am in a new area and the amount of people I have met that do not wear a seatbelt is kind of alarming. Someone needs to put on those corny wings and teach these people a lesson,” says past Red Ribbon Team member, Jaden Boyd. 

Stupid Cupid is changing things up this year, more like going back to normal. For the first time in three years, the “obituaries” are being posted again. These are funny stories that describe how each of Cupid’s targets “died”. Many students are eager to read them, as they are often one of the funniest parts of the day. Along with that, many new members have joined the team such as freshmen and even seniors. This year’s Cupid, Justin Durham comments, “This is the first year I have been on the Red Ribbon Team and it is actually pretty cool. I am most excited to shoot people with a nerf bow tomorrow and get to be out of class all day.”