Blazing Bean Days

Jayzale O'Neal

Bean Days is a festival held in Wayne City each year to celebrate the harvest. It is when all the people of Wayne City get together, eat beans, watch the parade, and enjoy quality time together. Some of the Wayne City High School students at Wayne City were asked what was their favorite part of bean day.

Travis Dickey said, “The parade, because of how much candy I brought in.”

Shaunna Roesch said, “Hanging out with all my friends and walking around, because I enjoy walking around seeing all the people while being in the atmosphere of everything around me.” Also, she likes to spend time with her friends when she has the chance.

Lucille Smith said, “The parade, because I like to see all the little kids expressions when they get candy and just see the community enjoying a hot day with them.”

Virginia Williams said, “Everything , because it was fun to walk around with my friends, watch the parade, eat the good food, and see the new things they have.” Therefore, she likes to see everyone uptown together having a great time.

Kylee Keele said, “My favorite part was the parade and the food, because I got a lot of candy, and I love fair food because it so good.”

By: Jayzale O’Neal