Beta Club Initiation Ceremony


Freshmen Paige Greenwalt, Jovi Horton, and Addison Seidel are initiated into Beta Club.

Jayla Pendleton, Warwhoop Editor

Wayne City High School Beta Club had its new member initiation ceremony on Thursday, February 20 at 6 p.m. in the school library. After the ceremony, cupcakes and drinks were provided. “Beta Club initiation was a success this year. I’m so proud of all the new inductees and the direction in which the Wayne City Beta Club is going,” President Kyle Borah stated. 17 new members were welcomed into the club with a certificate and a beta club pin.  When asked what she likes the most about being the sponsor of the club, Paula Beehn replied, “The fantastic students I get to work with and getting to watch them excel.” The club has a total of 70 members. Junior Emma McCormick stated, “I enjoyed it [initiation] because I got to hang out with [Sophomore] Madeline Boyd.”


According to, the National Beta Club is the largest, independent, non-profit, educational youth organization in America. For more than 80 years, it has prepared today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders. National Beta chapters can be found throughout the United States and across the globe, with clubs in China, Japan, Guam, Russia, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Panama, and Puerto Rico. The very first Illinois state convention took place in Carbondale on March 24, 1961. Illinois Beta has produced several state and national officers such as 2009-2010 National Senior President Akeem Muhammad of East St. Louis High School. Illinois Beta shows that leadership is essential to youth development.


The National Beta Club’s mission statement, listed on, is to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service, and leadership among elementary and secondary school students. Beta’s mission originated with Dr. John W. Harris, a professor at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, who founded the organization in 1934. Over 80 years have passed, but his vision and Beta’s mission has remained the same. And most everyone who has been fortunate enough to be called a member has embraced those ideals and applied them to their own lives. From U.S. President Bill Clinton to current professional basketball player Kevin Durant, Beta members continue to lead long after their high school days are behind them. Below is how the club promotes the ideals:


  • ACHIEVEMENT – Recognizing and honoring high academic achievement
  • CHARACTER – Preparing young people for life and empowering them to be successful
  • LEADERSHIP – Developing the leaders of tomorrow
  • SERVICE – Demonstrating our motto: Let Us Lead by Serving Others


The Wayne City High School Beta Club officers are listed below (grades are listed after name) :


Kyle Borah (12): President


Jayla Pendleton (12): Vice-President


Sydney Jackson (12): Secretary


Emilee Jones (12): Treasurer


Delainey Bailey (12): Photographer


Avery Seidel (12): Historian 


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