Lunch Bubs

Kendy Anderson, Reporter

The new FFA lunch is here this year! With COVID happening all around, people are wondering about FFA lunch. this year the FFA officers and Mrs. Ehrhart came up with a new way to serve their lunch students can place their own order with an FFA officer or in Mrs Ehrhart’s classroom. The first sale date was Friday, September 25, the famous Steve Ehrhart pork chop day. With a pork chop customers get a choice of chips and a drink for $5. Customers can go to three pick up spots to get the order after it is placed. These spots include the ag room, straight through the doors and down the steps, Mrs. Miller’s room, next to the herpetology lab, and lastly, by the office doors, and the Spanish windows where Red Barn lunch used to be picked up. 

This year the BBQ nachos will be missed but forever in the hearts of the students and staff. Due to COVID-19, handling of food is not permitted. Wrapped sandwiches are easier and safe for the health of the students. Austin Schuster, the Wayne City FFA treasurer, had some words to say about the new set up. “ I wish we could go back to the social aspect of serving the other kids in our high school, but in these hard times it’s still great that we can provide them lunch.” Lunch this year does look different, but it still tastes good. FFA member Chelsey Greenwalt also had a few words to say about it. “Working FFA lunches are always fun, but I will miss serving the food the way we used to. But I think this is the best way for us to continue our lunches.” The lunch was a great turnout, and students hope to see these FFA members soon again.