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Why Do Students Dread Coming To School?

Cheyanne Fenton

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Eighty percent of the time when you ask a student, “Do you enjoy school,” the immediate answer is almost always, “No.” Several students were asked, “Do you like school,” and 20 out of the 25 students asked said, “No.” When asked why they didn’t like coming to school, many students said it was the early start time, along side with boring classes. Others said that they didn’t like the daily atmosphere of the school, such as the lack of punishment and the attitude of the teachers or students. The prison-like feeling brought to classrooms was also another factor that deterred students, such as restricted bathroom breaks and dull, boring learning environments.

Contrary to the bad things about school, there are some students who pointed out positives. Most students said when asked, “What are some positive things about Wayne City School,” said that they enjoy off-campus lunch as well as many events the school does to encourage good behavior in students. In conclusion, high school might not be the most enjoyable aspect of everyday life but at least students get off campus lunch.

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Why Do Students Dread Coming To School?