Just Doing My Job

Maggie Dickey

Ray Chavez, the oldest man to survive Pearl Harbor, has died at the age 106.  Chavez passed away on Wednesday, November 21 in San Diego after losing the battle to pneumonia.  


When Chavez first returned home from the war, he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Ray said his past still affects him as he recalls the memory of his days serving in World War II and the attack at Pearl Harbor.  He remembers those with whom he served and still misses them today. His comrades were his best friends and each loss felt like he was losing another brother.


Earlier this year the White House hosted Chavez to pay tribute and honor him for his service.  President Trump said, “Chavez is truly an inspiration to all who are here today.” When someone would praise Chavez for his commitment, his response was always “I was just doing my job”.  Thank you Ray Chavez for your sacrifice.