2020 Super Bowl Half-Time Show: Hurtful or Helpful?

Jaden Boyd, Reporter

This year’s halftime performance at the 2020 Super Bowl has brought many debates to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and more. During the performance, singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira took to the stage to perform their most loved songs. However, their risque choreography and revealing clothing sparked debate over whether or not the show was family-friendly. So was the performance empowering for women and young girls, or should it have come with a parental warning?

There are two dominant arguments being made over the performance, with some people believing that the show was too obscene to be live streamed to a, supposedly, family-friendly television program. These people saw the performance as inappropriate, and disapproved of the minimal clothing and risque choreography. Displays like this can greatly affect the social concept of women, and can also give young girls a false image of what they believe they should look like. With shows like this in today’s society, women, unfortunately, open themselves up for more sexual objectification. It is a sad, but true, reality that women will be judged on their physical appearance, and performances like this only add to the problem. Viewers took to the internet to post their opinion of the show. USA Today quoted Jennifer Messimer, stating “I’m no prude, but watching it with my 7yo daughter and 11yo was uncomfortable.”

Other users added to the argument, agreeing that pole-dancing and revealing outfits are far too inappropriate for a family-viewed football game. On the other hand, some viewers believed that the show was nothing short of empowering, and watching two women of color perform at such an important event was extremely inspiring. “OK for grown women to be sexual and fabulous,” says Catherine Shakes on Twitter. The performance has brought many opinions on women’s image to the internet, and shows like this will only become more frequent.