How does the administration feel about Juuling?

Caitlyn Dickey

Recently, there have been some issues in the school about this new vaping tool called Juul. People have found these produces laying on the floor. Even kindergarteners have been finding them during lunch. That is a big problem, because children do not know what they are. They look like flash drives, and children love to put things in their mouth. That could harm a child, since these Juul products contain high levels of nicotine. Juuls are pods full of liquid nicotine, and one pod is equivalent to 20 cigarettes. Wayne City is a K-12 school, and the little children are looking up to the high school kids. High school students showing carelessness with Juul pods could pose a risk to lower age students. 

Currently, there the handbook addresses vaping and electronic cigarettes, and it states that vaping devices and e-cigarettes will not be allowed on the school grounds during or after school hours by students. Any student caught using a vaping device or e-cigarettes on school property will be assigned two sessions of Saturday School. Any student in open possession of a vaping device or e-cigarettes will be assigned one session of Saturday School. All such products will be confiscated.

Principal Eric Lingafelter said that the code of conduct for athletes is going to change a little bit next year. The administration plans to add a new rule about vaping. He commented, “The biggest danger to students is not knowing what the side effects are and what dangers are to come in the future. The best thing to do right now is to educate the students and staff about what they are, and the side effects that are out there right now.” Mr. Lingafelter has been doing some research and has told the teachers and staff what to look for in the school to identify vaping on school grounds.

All the teachers are on the lookout in their classrooms and hallways to see if their students are Juuling or vaping. It has been happening in the classrooms, and they are looking for it to stop completely.