School Mask-ot

Garion Sheraden, Reporter

For many people, the Covid-19 pandemic, which started in January, has been the worst pandemic of our generation. When the nation started the quarantine, many people thought it was great. Some individuals thought it was a chance to do something new like learning a new instrument or getting back into shape. After the first few months, it started to get boring for many who got tired of not leaving their homes. Once many local businesses started requiring masks for customers in public, some people chose to go out less and less.

Now, masks are required in almost every public place. Some parents have decided to home school their children, because they thought that trying to make students wear masks was unconstitutional and against their rights. “ I can’t say what I want so I won’t say anything at all,” says senior Brett Gardner. Others think that the masks are fine, just only a minor inconvenience and not a problem. “They’re not bad, they are a little annoying. They tickle your nose and give you a headache,” says junior Daniel Johnson. There have been studies that show that using masks weaken the immune system after using them for long periods of time. Teachers have spent time getting ready to help the remote learning students. “I’m not a big fan, but I’ll do whatever it takes to be back with my students,” says high school math teacher, Stacy Mays.