Going to Christmas Break Early?

Brianna Rainwater

As Wayne City High School approaches the end of the year and the students start to get more and more excited about Christmas break due to Covid many students are ready for the break. But this past week student got a little more then that, Wayne City School had to shut down due to not having enough people to teach all the students, and student to be taught. For many students and teachers this was a big let down as remote learning is very back and forth as who likes it and who doesn’t. Many already had a feeling it was coming but chose to ignore it and many were waiting on the announcement to they could finally catch a break from all the Covid regulations. Despite going remote early there is still work to be done many dual credit classes that were needed to be taught, the teachers did the most they could to get those grades in and ready. This is a different school year for all students and staff this year, its a going along with it and learn as they go. As no school year before this has been the same. There are many love hate relationships with the break for Covid-19, many arguments as to whether remote or in person is easier. Senior Brianna Rainwater says, “I feel this is good for many students for get a breath of fresh air for a minute away from all the Covid rules and regulations, maybe this isn’t ideal learning for many but I myself felt like going to school was getting tiring with all the people gone and all the things we just had to go along with as we went.”