Snow Day Surplus

Jaden Boyd, Reporter

With frigid temperatures, ice covered roads, and snow-coated homes and cars, making the treacherous journey to school is a dreaded must for students and teachers. Due to the danger that traveling down back roads could be to school bus drivers and students on board, school administration decided on Tuesday, February 9, to cancel in-person learning. During this time, students would continue their academic studies online via google meets and google classroom assignments. Because of this, students and teachers will not have to make up the days they missed when the end of the year draws near. With no school on Wednesday due to the built in remote day that students have grown accustomed to since the beginning of the school year, online learning continued on February 10. However, as Thursday rolled around and road conditions were far from better, if not worse, the administration decided against in-person learning yet again. Similar to the two days prior, students continued their studies online. However, a change was made pertaining to the academic plans for February 12. Although students would not return to school, they would not be doing work virtually. A traditional snow day, with no online learning, is to be held this Friday.