Queen of the Beans


Abby Reed, reporter

The Bean Queen Pageant has been going on since 1971, and, although things have changed, the preparation for the pageant has stayed the same. Preparation for the pageant consists of the contestants getting their hair done, their makeup done, and getting in their dress. Some girls go as far as getting their nails done to match their dress. There are some girls who just go more natural, which is more what they did in the early years. Not only do the contestants have the preparation before the pageant, whoever is crowned queen has several responsibilities after the pageant. The queen rides in the Bean Days parade and the other parades in surrounding areas. The queen will help with activities that take place in Wayne City. The queen will also help by presenting awards to the winners of the rodeo. Not only does the queen get to help and be a part of all these activities, but she also gets to be apart of the next year’s Bean Queen Pageant. The queen will get recognized one last time before she passes her title on to the next queen. The retiring queen will get to be in the parades one last time before her queen days are over.