The Disappearance of the Activity Bus

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The Disappearance of the Activity Bus

Dawson Barnard

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After watching it be towed away after school one day, many students were left wondering.  Where did they take our new bus?  What was it even going to be used for anyway?  

The rumor circling Snapchat was that the bus was being repossessed.  Junior Isaac Loker was really disappointed to see the bus leaving and said,  “I thought the school had just quit paying for it,” when asked about the bus.  Rumors, however, are often not even close to reality.  The school had paid their bills.  No one was taking it away forever.  

In fact, there was a simple explanation to the disappearance of the new WCHS activity bus.  Board member Kirk Barnard said that, while the bus had been used for a few trips, school mechanics noticed it had begun making oil.  After driving the bus, the dipstick would go from full to above full.  The thought is that one of the injector seals went bad.  This would allow gas to mix into the oil, causing the dipstick to read higher.  The bus was then sent for repair.

There are many advantages to having the activity bus.  It is a 2014 Chevy Collins and can carry 14 passengers.  It was planned to be used for smaller group trips, like scholar bowl and JV basketball games.  One advantage is that a teacher can drive the bus, meaning you do not have to take a bus driver.  Another advantage is that a small bus is easier to move and park in big cities, or even Wayne City.  It is also much easier to monitor student activity on the smaller sized bus.

The biggest reason for buying a smaller bus is the money that can be saved on gas.  Most diesel busses average from 3 to 5 miles per gallon.  The activity bus is more likely to average 7 to 10 miles per gallon.  Considering a trip from Wayne City to St Louis is nearly 100 miles, it is clear that the few miles per gallon would make a gigantic price difference.  

While the bus may be gone now, it will definitely be back in the future.  A large lesson to be learned here is just how far rumors can be from the truth.  With all the advantages to having the activity bus, everyone can rest assured knowing that they will probably get to ride it at some point or another while being in the Wayne City School District.

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