Shopping Shenanigans

Emilee Jones

Along with Thanksgiving, many people can’t wait for Black Friday. It is one of the most exciting, fast-paced events during the Holidays. Black Friday (November 23) is the day after Thanksgiving, which falls on November 22 this year. Stores hold the biggest sales of the year on this day. Black Friday has been the beginning of the Holiday shopping season since 1952 but was widely recognized in the 2000s. Many families take advantage of these deals in order to save money for the holidays. There have been many fights over who gets the last item on the shelf. It is a complete madhouse and if you are brave enough to go shopping on Black Friday, be prepared to stand in line for hours. Many people camp outside of the stores to be the first in line to get the biggest sale. Due to the craziness, many stores have switched to Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving where some stores have good sales, but only online. If you can’t brave the crowds, then Cyber Monday will be for you. But for most family’s Black Friday will always be a tradition.