The Cancellation of Bean Days

Brianna Rainwater, Reporter

For most Wayne City residents, Bean Days is the most exciting time of the year. Due to the virus, this year’s 2020 Bean Days event has been cancelled for everyone’s safety. Bean Days would have been on September 26, 2020. It didn’t come as a surprise to many as there haven’t been many events scheduled. The Wayne City Bean Days Facebook page said, “It still doesn’t seem real that we won’t have Wayne City Bean Days this coming weekend. But we’ll see you on the fourth weekend of September 2021.” They will be planning to have Bean Days next year. Senior Lillian Borah stated, “Some of the events at Bean days apply more to the kids, so it being cancelled this year didn’t affect me as much as others.”

There were many activities that applied to the children, but there is fun for all ages including, the car show, parade, all the good food, 5K run, quilt show, tractor show, the music, the train ride for the kids, and the notorious ham and beans. It will all be missed greatly this year, but it is only for the well-being of the citizens of Wayne City. This year’s Beans days would have been the 59th annual bean days. Senior, Brianna Rainwater states, “I think that it was only for the best of the citizens to not have Been days this year. Yes, it was an annual event and everybody was ready for it this year, having gone on for many years before this in the rain or shine.” As for 2021 many can expect a Bean days, with many fun filled events that we previously missed out on because of the virus.