Peanut Free Zone


Addison Seidel, Reporter

On August 23, Wayne City Unit 100 set a rule of no peanuts in the school. We have always had peanut allergies in the school, but recently students have had to deal with more allergies than normal. Peanut allergies pose a threat for many schools, because they have to keep all children safe.  Peanut allergies effect 1.2 %  of the US population, with most of those being young children. Some peanut allergies have different degrees of severity, ranging from potential death to just a small break out. Jovi Horton, a student at Wayne City, is affected by this allergy and stated, “Although I have never had a severe reaction from peanuts, the times that I have had a reaction have been very unpleasant and I would not want to experience them again.” The peanut ban has been widely supported by the majority of the teachers, although some students look down upon it. Mrs. Seidel, a grade 5 math teacher at the school, stated, “I am in full support of the peanut ban. It has been a problem in almost every one of my classes throughout the year, and I have always wondered when the school was going to finally make a step towards correcting the issue.” Overall the opinion of the peanut catastrophe has been positive and widely supported throughout the school.