New Year, New Vans

Diego Diaz, Reporter

Every year dozens of students ride the school vans, whether it is to go on field trips or to practice their driving skills before getting their driving license. This year the school has decided to make an investment, and it has bought two semi-new Dodge Minivans, both from 2019. 

The purpose these minivans serve is taking students on field trips, taking teachers to meetings or any kind of authorized trip as well as being used by the unexperienced students in driver’s education. “These vans are used for  every authorized trip the school has,” Mr. Caudle said. He also stated that the last vans were old and as these vehicles are used a lot. Therefore, the school needed to get new ones. 

The students from Drivers Education are also excited about the new vehicles, because they know they are the first class to drive those vans. They are having the privilege their older classmates did not have. Tanner McNeil said, “I really like the new vans, because they are more comfortable than the old ones and you feel better driving them.”

The vans are so new that many students, other than the driver’s education learners, remain unaware that the school has bought new vans, but that will change as the year goes on and the students start using them to go on field trips.