Fun, Friends, and Feasting


Chase Smith, Reporter

Sunday, November 14 Wayne City Appologetix gathered for a Friendsgiving dinner. Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving dinner with a group of friends. Appologetix regularly gathers on Friday mornings before school for strictly Wayne City students, but the Friendsgiving dinner was open to other schools. The dinner was hosted by the First Christian Church, and the guests were asked to bring food or drinks for the meal. The event was put together by teachers, Staci Mays, Derek Mays, and Kim Sowa, who are also the leaders of Appologetix. Sophomore McKayla Reynolds, opened up with prayer to bless the food. The students from schools including McLeansboro, Centralia, and Wayne City lined up to get their food. There was lots of great food and desserts for people to eat. After they finished eating, the students played a variety of games. Juniors Maddux Mays and Rylee Caudle played a game of cornhole. Students also played games including Jenga, Aggravation, Apples to Apples, Uno and more. Sophomore Greenlea Vaughan won the game of Uno after some controversy over the final card she played. Vaughan claimed the card on the top of the deck was supposed to be green, but the other players argued that it was supposed to be blue. Centralia student Cameron Tomlianovich made a game-winning move by pulling the bottom block causing the whole tower to fall perfectly down without tipping over. Junior Jovi Horton stated with enthusiasm, “It was really fun being with friends and getting to have a night where we just got to hang out and play games.”