Battle of the Classes: Back to Back Senior Victory

Madeline Boyd, Reporter

Students at Wayne City High School participated in the annual Battle of the Classes on November 7. The event was organized by Beta club sponsor, Paula Beehn so students could compete face to face and see which grade takes bragging rights. Each grade came together to establish dominance while enjoying a day of camaraderie out of the classroom. “I had to sign up for as many games as I could, because if I was part of it we were definitely going to win. In all seriousness, it was fun getting to be competitive with the people I’m usually competing with,” said senior Justin Durham. 

Challenges included musical chairs which put the seniors in the lead early on in the morning with Justin Durham as champion. Seniors also won dodgeball. However, juniors won the donuts-on-a-string competition when junior Liam Smith won by a landslide, eating the donut in one bite. The day included more than athletic competition. Students competed in “Mario Kart Racing ” with junior Andre Maguet taking the win. Seniors also won the tug-of-war. Judges for the day included teachers Laura Miller, Chris Robertson, and Jake Talbert. “I thought the day was a lot of fun and very well organized! It was fun to sit back and watch the students participate, get along, and have so much fun school wide. As for judging, it was easy, basically all we had to do was tally the results and judge a couple of contests. It was my first year as an ‘official’ judge and I would do it again (it is a lot easier than being a class sponsor),” said judge, Laura Miller. 

This year, the whole high school was very enthusiastic and loved every part of the day. Even though the senior class claimed the victory for the second year in a row, all students gave it their all and competed to the best of their ability. Battle of the Classes 2022 will be a staple memory for the year for many students.