Holiday Happenings


Ashton Hess, Reporter

December 10 to December 17, Wayne City hosted the 68th annual Conrad Allen Tournament. “Overall the tournament was a successful tournament. We hosted more teams this year than we have in a long time. It was a very competitive tournament with some of the top teams in southern Illinois that brought in flocks of supporters. The home team crowd and the fans the final two nights were incredible. Wayne City went 3-1 in the tournament, finishing second by two points to North Clay. There were five trophies given with North Clay claiming first place, Wayne City second, Cisne obtaining third, Lovejoy fourth, and Crab Orchard got fifth place.  All in all, there were 12 teams. There was also an “All Tournament Team” with 12 players from the tournament earning spots based on their performance during the tournament. Wayne City contributed two of their very own players, brothers, Jonny Durham and Justin Durham. “In my opinion, the game was rigged because they tried fouling me out. I got in foul trouble with four in the third quarter, forcing me to have to sit out. If I did not sit, we definitely would have won, but nonetheless it was a good tournament. I still  would have rather got first,” said Justin Durham.