One Catch of a Coach

Hanah Cooper

Batter up! Coach Drew Millwood is back and better than ever before! This is his second year as the high school baseball coach here at Wayne City and he and all of his players are excited to get this year in full swing. This might be his second year back in this particular position, but Coach Millwood is definitely not new to the sports scene.


As a high schooler, Millwood attended Mt. Vernon High School and played baseball for them. He later graduated and moved on to the Rend Lake team. Since then, he has been a coach for the past 14 years. Baseball hasn’t been his only focus, though. In the past years, you could’ve also caught Millwood coaching on the football field, the basketball court, and on the track with the track and cross country teams.


After all of this, baseball has been what has brought such a great coach to a group of boys that love him on and off the field. “My favorite thing about all of it is being able to motivate and inspire the boys to be the best players and the best team they can be.” Coach Millwood commented. You can catch Coach out on the field next Thursday, September 6.