Wayne City/Webber Fall Review


Lucas Noe, Reporter

The Wayne City / Webber co-op baseball team has gotten off to a rough start in this year’s fall season. The Tribe has been hit with the injury bug as a starter Hunter Kluck, was hit and broke his wrist in this years preseason fall scrimmage game, putting him out for the season. In a game against Dietrich, Senior Drake Hicks was hit in the elbow while batting and was taken out of the game. The Indians won their first game of the season against their conference rival the Woodlawn Cardinals. They were led by a 11 strikeout pitching performance by Lucas Noe and a 3 hit day by Drake Hicks. Their second victory on the year came against a conference opponent, the Cisne Lions. The Indians had been tied with the Lions for the majority of the game until the Lions had gotten out to a 3 run lead going into the final inning, then the Indians had a comeback and Drake Hicks had a walk-off double.

When asked, “What is your biggest goal for this upcoming spring season as a team,” Sophomore Koby Anderson replied with, “We look to build off of these wins in the Fall and hopefully with everyone returning to make a run in the spring.” This Co-op squad is very young and look to grow in the winter. Coach Landon Willett will have everyone in the weight room and will be seeing improvement from everyone. Grant Lewis was asked, “What do you need to improve on most to make the most impact on this squad?” He replied with, “I need to get quicker and stronger and really work on my command when pitching.” Sophomore Kobee Ivey loves being on this team as he said his favorite thing about being on the team was, “I get to be with my best friends everyday.”