Bats, Hats, and Masks


Kendy Anderson, Reporter

The 2020 Fall Baseball season is finally on! The season looks a little different this year, with fans and some team members wearing masks, and social distancing. The boys are finally back to the field with almost 6 months off. With 13 players this year, they’ve been working hard. They had their first game against Cobden High School, on August 21. Winning by 10, with a score of 16-6, the boys were proud their first game was a win. 


The famous duo, seniors Christopher Clark and Jarrett Lewis, had some things to say about their first game. Christopher Clark said, “I was very excited for my senior season to start with some of my best friends. Although the beginning of the game went a little rough, we came through and kicked some butt.” Jarrett also had some words to say, “Very excited to be back on the field with my friends, laughing, having fun, and making memories without a care in the world. It’s refreshing, and we’ve all missed that. Clark and Lewis have played the pitcher and catcher position for quite some time now, and they are loving every minute of it. Since the boys’ freshman year, they’ve gotten quite a reputation with their nicknames Lewis and Clark, and with their annul first game picture. The boys are looking forward to their next game, due to the second game being cancelled on August 27. Spectators can catch them at their next game, playing Christ Our Rock Lutheran, on September 1.