New Ag Building?

Caitlyn Dickey

Last year, WCHS students were told that equipment would start arriving November 26, 2018, to start on the new Ag  building after the last building was destroyed in a January 2018 fire. Building got delayed, and no one really knew when they would actually start on it. The construction is now planned to start no later than February 7. Right now, little progress is outwardly visible since the construction process has not begun, but Mr. Caudle and everyone in the school have been picking out the colors for the building.

The first thing that the construction company will do is close off the west-side door and deconstruct the ramp. That means students and staff will no longer be able to exit that door to go to lunch. Also, the horticulture class will have to go out the doors by the bus barn and walk down the road to get to the Greenhouse. They will be connecting the Ag Building to the school, so no one will be able to use those doors until construction is complete.

The next thing they will be doing is pouring the foundations of the building ,and March 4 the concrete slab will be poured as well. The actual building, which the contractor’s call the building package, will be delivered on April 1. After the package arrives, the construction workers will start on the building process of our new Ag Building on April 8. 

The move in date for the building will be July 15. By the next school year, the school will be done with construction and hopefully, nothing else like the devastating fire that started the whole process, will ever happen again.