After Hours at Wayne City


Leah Marvel

What is it like for Wayne City students after the last bell of the day rings? Some may go to work, tutor, or even to go grab an after school snack. But for the athletes, there is no free time. Once the dismissal bell rings, many of the athletes head down to the gym, eat a quick snack, and get to work. When asked about having two hours of volleyball practice a day, Sophomore player Lizabeth Landreth answered, “Most of the time practice is fine depending on what we do. I enjoy working with my team daily.”

So what exactly is it that makes these players push themselves so hard? Is it the experience, bonding, or the want to reach their goals? Senior player Kaiden Taylor says, “Our basketball team this year has a really good chance at achieving our goals. So we’re going to put in our best effort every day to go far this season. We know we have the ability to make history this year.”

According to the players, the athletes are ready for the 2019-2020 season and will not rest until they know that they have reached their full potential. Each team will have an intense season this year. Fans are ready to get back in their school colors and cheer the teams on to victory.