WCHS Boy’s Basketball Goals

Andrew White

Every team has a starting goal and an ending goal. The basketball team this year has many different goals, such as having a perfect season, winning the first game, beating Fairfield, and going undefeated. The team believes these are all great goals, but after talking the head coach, Jim Corona, he has one big goal in mind. “The goal everyday is to win the regional championship. I don’t care if we win a single game this year,” said Corona. “Although it’d be nice if we did win every game, our overall goal as a team is to win the regional title,” he added. The team wants to learn and grow together, overcome obstacles that were in their way in the previous year, come together as a family, bring joy to their fans, and overall have an amazing year. 


When Coach Corona was asked if there is there a life lesson that he wants the seniors to take with them when they graduate, he said, “Learn to serve. Life is about giving, not getting. If we learn to give, then everything we need we will get.” 


As the boys approach their basketball season, they hope to see all of their fans at the games to cheer them on and to support them throughout the year.