Can Teams Get on the Court?

Kelcee Seymour, Reporter

On October 27 the governor claimed basketball was at a higher risk to spread COVID than other sports. Because basketball is played inside the gym and the players are continuously making close contact, the governor has decided to cancel the winter seasons for both boys and girls basketball. This has caused much uproar throughout the state. Some people think its a good idea while others have already started a new hashtag: #letthemplay. He almost got away with it, but the IHSA has decided to defy his suggestions and allow the high schools to play ball. Sophomore, Addison Seidel, says, “I have always been around sports since I was little. Even when I was not participating myself, I was still there watching all the games. So now with basketball being labeled ‘high risk’ and being put on hold, I feel like I have so much free time and I don’t know what to do with myself.” Many others feel this way too. Senior Jarrett Lewis, says, “I think the governor is ruining our high school experience completely. I think it’s very unfair how we have to stop playing the sports that we love while his daughter gets to. We should be able to get the option to play since it’s our health, not his. If others think it’s a high risk, then don’t let your kid play. But for the others that want to play, don’t punish them for it. It’s really simple: it’s our health, our risk, our choice!” A lot of the students feel very strongly about this subject.