Summer Hoops

Grayson Habermaas, Reporter

To kick off the start of summer basketball, the Indians played at Webber against Webber and Hamilton County. In these two games, the Indians had two disappointing but close matches against these teams. The Indians basketball then moved onto Fort Branch, Indiana where they went a solid 1-2, in their one win beating a 3A school (Vincennes-Lincoln). 

Indians basketball moved back home to Wayne City where they threw together a shootout where they put together a record of 2-1, beating South Central and Crab Orchard. The next stop for Wayne City was the 2 day Vandal Shootout in Vandalia. Here the Indians had a record of 3-4 beating New Athens, Raymond, and Shelbyville (2A).

The final stop of the summer for Wayne City was the Windy City, Chicago. In Chicago (Woodstock), the Indians arguably put on their best performance of the summer. In Woodstock, the Indians showed their growth over the summer, playing high level competition and playing well against them. Playing 3 games back to back, Wayne City started this trip by playing Woodstock-Marian (2A). In this game Indians lost a very close and hard fought match (45-40). Just hours later, Wayne City put on a show in an overtime thriller against Woodstock (3A) beating them by just 2 points (66-64). In the final match of the summer for Wayne City, they played Harlem, a 4A program losing 60-36. Over the summer Wayne City had a record of 7-11. 

Coach Jake Talbert said, “I think the way we grew over the summer and competed against the tough competition, I believe in our chances to go back to back in conference and even further to sectionals.” The Indians kick off their season in November at Christopher’s Turkey Tournament.