The Tribe is Back


Abby Bowsher

Every year a group of students comes to the basketball games to cheer their team on, but there has been no designated spot. On June 17, the WCHS cheerleaders had a fundraiser to raise money for cheer expenses. The coaches decided to use some of the extra money to design and purchase a banner for the pep club. One of the cheer coaches, Connie McNeil, designed this banner herself and stated, “This year our cheer team is all about school spirit, and we felt having a designated spot for the pep club would help that effort.”

July 20 the cheerleaders presented the banner to the school board. The Wayne County Press came and snapped a photo of the cheerleaders holding the banner along with the board members.

Coach McNeil also stated how that she’s super excited for the team to take the floor. This year they purchased brand new uniforms and new poms. She also said the team worked very hard this summer and have accomplished a lot. “We have new cheers this year and are ready to show them off.” Coach Connie’s goal for the team this year is to get some more crowd involvement. The other coach, Shelly Bailey, said, “As cheer coaches, Connie and I want to instill in the girls an attitude of positivity, leadership, and service.”

Both coaches are really hoping that this banner will bring in more supporters and more crowd involvement. All in all, the cheerleaders and coaches feel they have worked extremely hard this summer and are ready to take the floor with the new pep club banner flying high over students in the bleachers.