History in the Theater

Alivia Dillman

The 2020-2019 history club members will be going to the going to the AMC theater in Mount Vernon on Wednesday, November 6. They will be going to hear the story of Harriet Tubman. They will be leaving around 8:30 a.m and will be returning around noon. This trip will be taking out over half of the highschool for about half of the regular school day. 

   This will be the first time the history club will be going on this field trip. The movie was not supposed to be premiering in the Mt. Vernon show place, but due to the large group of kids and the smooth talking of Mr. Choate, the theater made it doable for the high school. Senior, Leah Marvel said, “I’m glad we are getting the opportunity to go on this trip for my senior year. I think it will be an interesting movie.”  Students are really happy they get the chance to go see it, because not every school gets the chance. The history club owes Mr. Choate a big thank you for trying so hard to get them to show the movie and giving them the opportunity to go .