Hamilton Movie Night

Brianna Rainwater

As the 2020 school year began many school events and trips were postponed or even cancelled for Wayne City High School.  One of these trips included a trip to see Hamilton live. By the time the students of 2019 had graduated the trip had been cancelled altogether leaving a lot of disappointment to the students. The staff tried the most they could to tell them that they could always do it at a different point in the year but with covid and all of the quarantine and restrictions they didn’t have a choice but to cancel all together. The trip was scheduled to be in April or May, so they were very close to the trip before everyone had to start online schooling. Many students were looking forward to going and getting to experience the play. To make up for all this madness music teacher Mrs. Fagan bought snacks for the kids who could attend and they sat in their gym and got to watch it with a projector. So despite the let down of it being cancelled, Mrs. Fagan did the most she could to make it the best for the students. The turn out was 8 students. There was another trip going on, so it took out very many students that could also have gone. Senior Kelcee Seymour said, “I really enjoyed going to the movie night! Even though there were only 8 of us, we still had a lot of fun, oh and the movie was really good too!” another student that went senior, Austin McCarthy said, “I also enjoyed the movie a lot. I  liked the movie and thought it made up for the cancellation.”